Episode 40. Jump On The R.A.F.T. And Stop Drowning!

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Rose Lounsbury is on a journey of decluttering and minimalism from Dayton, Ohio. She says entrepreneurs are high achievers, but they often need to learn to let go and let go of the guilt. This the same as decluttering in real life.
Reducing paper in your life tips:
Create one inbox; it’s your “intake” it is just a temporary collection point to process. 
Have a one day of the week where you R.A.F.T. the inbox to stop the drowning in paper.
R.A.F.T: Read Action File & Trash
Readable piles are magazines, articles, etc. 
Action piles maybe bills, invitations, or something that needs a response, or delegate it to someone who needs to deal with it. You can also transfer this to a digital To-Do list. 
File piles are for things you need to keep, but first, ask this: 
1) Is this relevant?
2) Is this a recent issue?
3) Can I find this information elsewhere (online)?
Trash piles, this may take time. But work through it! 
Deal with memorabilia separately, make a separate pile at a different time. 
Also, see Process for Profit – Ep. 34 Digital Detox for more ideas!
Rose Lounsbury is a keynote speaker, coach, and Amazon bestselling author who helps busy professionals reduce stress and improve work/life balance through simplicity. After blogging about her journey toward a simpler lifestyle, Rose was inspired to leave her classroom teaching job and help others create more straightforward and more meaningful lives by owning–and doing–less. Rose spends her days speaking, writing, coaching her clients and online students to stuff-free freedom, and soaking up the moments with her husband and wild triplets in lovely Dayton, Ohio. If you want to know how many towels she owns, you can watch her 2018 TEDx Talk, which has over 400,000 views. Rose’s advice was featured on USAToday.com, and she’s been a guest on Good Day Columbus, WYSO, WVXU, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton. You can find her online at RoseLounsbury.com. 
Link to the waiting list for her course: https://roselounsbury.com/less-method-courses/
Link to her simplicity starter guide: https://roselounsbury.com/starthere/
If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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“ You need to have these tools in place to keep yourself organized and streamlined. ”

-Brittany Dixon

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