Episode 42. Getting Work Done, While Stuck At Home

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Today I want help you with some tips on how do we create adaptable and flexible/productive schedules at home? How do we create schedules that are flexible enough to adapt but still allow us to make money?

1.  Setup your new home workspace. Create a designated area in your home to become the workspace. Best if you have an office, but if not set aside one area. If you can’t set aside one area, you need to have a mobile office  and  minimize your workspace – it will improve your mood
2.  Take a step back from the business (or job) and really take some time to think big picture. Are the tasks you are doing right now, really moving you forward. Really be intentional. Intention will create focus and focus creates success. Take 30-60 minutes and really dive into your goals for the month. Decide on the projects to get you to those goals. Then make a list of tasks that go into each of those projects and  map out the time needed for each project. Start blocking out time in your calendar. Then all you need to do is repeat for each project.
3. It’s time for routine and schedules (as much as we can). The fastest way to overwhelm, stress, anxiety and feeling defeated (and depressed) is to get out of routine and schedule. Now is the time to Still get dressed and ready in the morning and keep the kids on a regular routine. To still do meals the same way (or the new normal way). Then block out the following on your calendar: An Admin Day, Lunch Time, Client Work Time. 
Use the BCO buckets – Business Development, Clients and Operations to batch your time.
Check out my episode about the 3Ps of Productivity for more on the life and business saving routine
Give yourself grace
We are all in a weird time in the world – we have never seen this
Times of uncertainty will breed lots of things. but we get to choose if we want to let it dictate our lives or if we are going to accept it and adapt.
I had my week or so of letting it dictate my life, wallowing in it, feeling sorry for us and all the depressed feelings and more
Then I decided that it was time to shift, and think of all the good things that will come out of it (yes there are some)
So create a dedicated workspace, clear the distractions, be intentional with your time when deciding on projects, create routines and schedules (Adapted if needed) and give yourself grace!!!!!

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