Episode 99. Marketing Minimalism

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed when it’s time to market your business? You’re great at everything else, but if you don’t market yourself, how will people find you? Marketing doesn’t have to be this time-consuming endeavor if you commit to doing one or two things consistently. In today’s episode, Sarah Block of Tiny Marketing gives us tips and tricks on how to simplify our marketing, be consistent, and take your business engagement to the next level! 

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to convert marketing into actual sales
  • The importance of committing to regularly scheduled content and how it can grow your brand
  • Identifying the channels you’ll get the most engagement so you don’t have to be everywhere
  • Utilizing templates to streamline the processes in your business and save yourself time for other things

Sarah Noel Block works with time-strapped marketers and business owners in the construction, facilities, and real estate industries to build high-impact marketing without increasing headcount. She uses her tested and proven framework to streamline content marketing, social media, and email marketing through smart systems. Optimize your marketing with Tiny Marketing!

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Quote from the show- “But it just goes to show, right? Like, when you dig in deeper and you start minimizing and simplifying what you’re doing…you have way more impact for sure.”

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