Episode 96. Productivity by Design

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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why some things in your business come more naturally to you than others? When working with colleagues or clients, do you just seem to mesh better with certain types of people who push you to be better? If you’ve never stopped to ask why they might be, this episode might be your chance to start. In today’s episode, I speak with Nicole Garritano about the importance of human design and running a successful business!

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The 5 types of human design and how knowing your type can help you be a better entrepreneur
  • How crucial it is to pair yourself with team members who are different from your human design type and how that can help push your business forward
  • Understanding your human design type and how it plays a role in the types of jobs you take and clients you work with
  • Allowing yourself to be your unique self opens you up to endless possibilities in both business and life

Nicole Garritano is a Human Design Coach that loves to work with entrepreneurs to be more productive. Nicole has been there, searching for purpose in life, burned out and stuck. From people pleasing, to skin cancer to marriage and divorce, remarriage, infertility, adoption, and all the degrees. She has been stuck and unstuck over and over again.

Through her study of human design, subconscious transformation techniques, and healing modalities, Nicole has blended her academic, nursing and spiritual backgrounds into a unique system helping others get unstuck and step into their purpose and potential. 

Check out Nicole’s website for her “Badass By Design” presentation- www.nicolegarritano.com
Take the Free BodyGraph to find out your Human Design- myBodyGraph 
Connect with Nicole on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/NGarritanoCoach 
Follow Nicole on Instagram- Dr. Nicole Garritano (@nicole.garritano.coach) 
Connect with Nicole on LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-nicole-garritano-69697a4/ 

Quote from the show- “The way we show up in our business can be just as unique as we are.”

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