Episode 90. Email Marketing Starter Kit

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Are you intimidated by the thought of starting an email list for your business? I mean, you connect with people on social media, so that’s good enough….right? Creating an email list doesn’t have to be this impossible task and it can actually allow you to have a more personal connection you can’t get with social media. In this episode, Kendra Swalls of Girl Means Business is here to talk about all things email marketing and to help take the fear out of it for you!

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The importance of building an email list and why it can be more valuable than any social media
  • How you can use your email list to build holistic relationships with followers and potential clients
  • Deciding to just pick a time to start your email marketing and not getting hung up on every piece of content needing to be earth-shattering
  • Identifying an email marketing platform that works for your brand and being consistent in providing content

Kendra Swalls is the Owner of Girl Means Business brand + podcast, a wife, mom of 2, photographer and educator. In 2012 she started my first business, Paisley Layne Photography, and everything changed. What started as a hobby alongside her teaching career quickly turned into a successful business. 

Now she helps women, like you, take their business from survival-mode to success-mode using the same relationship marketing strategies that have been the foundations for her business success. 

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