Episode 89. Systems Are The Self Care For Your Business

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What does your perfect “spa day” look like? Picture it…..are you enjoying brunch with friends,  getting a massage, or reading a book in your favorite quiet corner? Whether you have actually taken the time to do what you’ve pictured or not, I have some advice for you…..you should! “Spa days” are key to good mental and physical health and success in your life. Oh, one more question…..when is the last time you took a “spa day” in your business? If this is a new concept for you, this episode is for you, because we’re talking about how systems are the self care for your business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How self care can be critical for your physical and mental well being and not taking time for it can actually be hurting your business
  • The role systems play in helping you feel like you’re successfully moving your business forward
  • Taking the time to periodically assess systems you have in place and being willing to change as you continue to grow
  • How to be intentional about setting time aside for your business “spa day”
  • Identifying the root problems in your business and coming up with meaningful solutions

Quote from the show – “Get a CEO day, spa day, VIP day for your business…whatever you want to call it. You need that on your calendar once a month, to come in, and solve these systems issues. Because, if you don’t, you are not doing the self care for your business and what happens when you don’t do self care for yourself? You’re overwhelmed, you’re overworked, you feel defeated, you feel like you’re drowning and barely breathing.”

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