Episode 85. Client Experience for Profit

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Have you ever gone to purchase something on your favorite website or had a product recommended to you only to be jaded when you have a bad customer experience? Either the website isn’t working, your order is erased without explanation or it takes you an hour on hold to get to an actual customer service representative…..leaving you frustrated and sharing that bad experience with 10 of your closest friends? Now, have you ever considered the message you’re putting out to potential clients through the client experience in your business? If you haven’t, well you might want to give today’s episode a listen.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of client experience from beginning to end and how a bad process can hinder your business
  • Sometimes the best marketing comes from happy clients sharing their experiences with their friends and colleagues 
  • Why an all-in-one business management software is crucial to streamlining your process
  • Identifying all the steps in your client experience so you can automate and simplify all your backend tasks
  • How to take your client experience to the next level by simply following their social media handles and sending a welcome gift

Quote from the show – “Just think about how many more clients you could bring on if it only took you five minutes to onboard and five minutes to offboard a client. Right? Like, how many more clients could you bring on if you had a streamlined process so that you didn’t feel overwhelmed bringing on more clients?”

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