Episode 82. P.E.A.K. Into Behind The Scenes of Course Building

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Have you entertained the idea of creating an online course to go along with your business? Are you overwhelmed with this idea because there are just too many options, you want everything to be perfect the first time out and you just don’t know where to begin? Well…..my friend, you need this episode!

In today’s episode, I talk to Sandra Scaiano of Sandra Scaiano Web Design & Strategy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When to consider an online course for your business and niche down your expertise to make it work for you
  • Sandra’s P.E.A.K. Method and how to streamline the process to create a marketable online course for your business
  • Things to consider when looking at platforms to host your online course
  • How to keep customers engaged after they’ve purchased your online course
  • Things to avoid when creating an online course

With over 20 years in PR & Marketing for the world’s most recognizable brands Sandra helps entrepreneurs move forward in their business through Web Design, Digital Strategy, and Kajabi course development. Her clients include coaches, course creators, industry experts and female entrepreneurs. Expertise in design, digital marketing, and branding, allows for her to work long-term with her clients and serve them through their different stages of business growth. 

She is the host of The Long Game podcast, where she provides entrepreneurs perspective, encouragement and a dose of “real about business” all with her unique, relatable style. Sandra is also the creator of the PEAK Framework for Course Building, with the signature course launching Spring 2021.

Check out Sandra’s website and enjoy her free gift!- Web Design for Women | SandraSky | Kajabi Expert
Listen to my episode on “The Long Game Podcast”- The Long Game is . . . Working Smarter Not Harder • Web Design for Women | Brand Strategy
Check out Sandra on Facebook- Sandra Scaiano – Home
Follow Sandra on Instagram- Web Design for Women (@sandrascai) • Instagram photos and videos
Connect with Sandra on LinkedIn- Sandra Scaiano – Greater New York City Area | Professional Profile 

Quote from the show – “How do you streamline something down? There’s the whole course platform to choose from and learn, but I have created “Get your product up and for sale.” Boom! And then there’ll be another part, or some other piece.”

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