Episode 75. Full Time Business, Part Time Schedule

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own side hustle while keeping your regular 9-5? If you’ve ever asked yourself if it’s possible to plant yourself in both worlds and be successful, today’s episode is for you! 

In today’s episode, I speak with Holly Haynes, founder of Holly Marie Haynes, LLC and host to her own podcast, Crush The Rush! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Holly started her successful side hustle and how you can do the same
  • How to properly balance a full-time career, family-life and your own full-time business
  • Cutting through the social media albatross to make it work for you
  • And……most importantly……talks all about her CAKE Method!

Holly Haynes is a successful entrepreneur and expert in managing a full-time business on a part-time schedule! Holly is crazy passionate teaching women how to build a side hustle (insert job of their dreams) without sacrificing weekends and their priorities! She believes strongly that you can create a routine you love and with the right tools create a lifestyle that works without burnout! You can usually find Holly chatting biz strategy on her podcast “Crush the Rush”, all things wellness (gotta keep that energy up) and raising my twins!

Focus. Consistency. Give Yourself Grace.

Check out Holly’s website- | Business and Wellness Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Download Holly’s “Side Hustle Starter Kit”- Side Hustle Starter Kit
Connect with Holly on Instagram- HOLLY ✨Side-Hustle Strategist (@holly_marie_haynes) • Instagram photos and videos
Check out Holly’s podcast “Crush The Rush”- Crush the Rush Podcast

Quote from the show- “You have to know what your focus is. Because, your focus, as someone who’s building a business full-time while working full-time is very different than somebody that is building a business, like, full full-time. Like, they don’t have other responsibilities. So, what you can accomplish versus what others can accomplish is going to be very different. And, it took me awhile to just say, “you know what, that’s okay”.”

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