Episode 74. More Leads, Less Time

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Do you have a goldendoodle? Oh my! I have a goldendoodle, too! Let’s do business together!

If only generating leads were that easy, right? Well, guess what…..it REALLY can be that easy! If you find yourself constantly struggling to generate leads for your small business, this episode is for you!

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be covering some useful tips and tricks that have helped me cultivate leads and turn them into clients! I know, this can be an intimidating process and often feel like a burden, but if you aren’t constantly looking for new clients, can your business survive?

Be persistent. Be persistent. Be persistent. Always assume a client is a “yes” until you ACTUALLY hear them say “no”. Sometimes it takes time for clients to warm up to your greatness…..but once you have them, you’ll be able to show them how valuable an asset you can be to their business.

My tips for generating more leads in less time:

  1. Block 1 hour per day to look for leads but ACTUALLY put it in your calendar!
  2. Identify where your ideal client hangs out (Facebook Groups, Instagram), do some research on a potential client, find something you have in common, then reach out and connect if they seem like a good fit.
  3. Follow up. FOLLOW up. FOLLOW UP!
  4. Hop a call and see where things go. Let people know what you can offer and see if they’re interested.
  5. Book clients.
  6. Be consistent with the steps you set up. If you schedule time to look for leads, then do it. If you haven’t sent the follow up email you’ve been planning to send…..send it!
  7. Refine your steps. Repeat. 

I know, generating leads can be an arduous process and not everyone is comfortable being a “salesy” person, but there is a difference in being “salesy” and “slimy”. If you follow my simple steps, and incorporate things that work for you, the leads will come without one ounce of slime! 

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