Episode 61. Productivity Period.

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Today’s episode is one for the ladies! 

We are going to give you tips for using your cycle to increase productivity, and helping us is Ali Cranmer!

Ali B. Cranmer is a body and business integrator helping female entrepreneurs break free from burnout and reclaim their power by aligning with the rhythm of their feminine energy. Ali believes women feel an undeniable pressure from society to be able to do it all and we’ve been doing our businesses and our bodies a disservice by glorifying the hustle. She has built her business and membership coaching program on the belief that if we awaken our intuitive powers to listen to our energetic rhythms, we’ll be able to align our businesses with our bodies and experience a deep sense of peace, freedom and self-trust.

Today we talk about how energy management can help you maximize your productivity and how aligning your physical, internal and body energy assists you in achieving your business goals. Ali also gives some great tips on how to track your cycle and energy to find the patterns that can help you be your best self personally and professionally! Lastly, if you don’t have a current or consistent cycle, Ali talks about how to utilize the moon’s phases as a way to stay in tune with your body’s energy.

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