Episode 60. Multi-Tasking: The Death of Productivity

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Are you the type of person with 37 tabs open on one screen and 17 tabs open on the other? Go look, you probably have that many open RIGHT NOW!

Guess what! This doesn’t make you a master multi-tasker! It’s actually hurting your productivity and ultimately your business. 

In today’s episode I am going to be talking about multi-tasking and how it is stopping you from making more impact and income in your business. 

What is multi-tasking? Well, it’s when we perform two or more tasks simultaneously, switching back and forth from one thing to another in rapid succession with……SPOILER ALERT……..no real success because we’re focused on too many things at once! Listen, I’m guilty too! 

In addition to multi-tasking, context switching is another hurdle we all deal with on a daily basis that can be detrimental to our lives, clients and businesses. Context switching is when we jump back and forth to different types of work (bookkeeping to client work to graphic design) without focusing solely on one thing. This much back-and-forth can impact our short-term memory, lead to increased anxiety, stifle our creative thinking, and ultimately stop us from getting into a “state of flow”.

With multi-tasking impacting productivity by nearly 40% and context switching by nearly 20%, you risk decreasing your daily productivity by close to 60%, what does that equate to for you and your business? Are you serving clients in the best way possible? Are you fulfilled personally and professionally?

What are some ways to minimize the consequences of multi-tasking and context switching?

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