Episode 34. Digital Detox

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Are Google Drives, PDF’s, Emails, and other digital clutter overwhelming you and consuming your time? You could be spending up to 2,500 minutes looking for your files a year. 
The results of digital clutter result in:

  1. You feel bad when someone sees your desktop
  2. Time loss
  3. Frustration for you and your clients
  4. Procrastination because you know it’s a mess 

Six Tips for your Digital Detox

  1. Clean out your bookmarks
    1. Delete
    2. Discourage “Unsubscribe”
    3. Delegate “Pass it on”
    4. Deadline 
    5. Document
  2. Cleaning out your inbox
  3. Clean out your apps or programs
    1. Break it down to
    2. (Business, Personal etc.)
  4. Clean out your Google Drive
  5. Clean off your computer desktop 
  6. Take out the trash! 

Take 15-minutes a day doing these tips.
Make this a habit! It will change your life! 
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Thanks for listening! 


“ You need to have these tools in place to keep yourself organized and streamlined. ”

-Brittany Dixon

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