Episode 30. Fear Based Decisions (And Turning 30!)

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Would you believe me if I told you that there was something so fulfilling about being able to sync up the release of my 30th episode and my 30th birthday?  I am a planner, so it may come as no surprise but I am so excited to celebrate with you, my amazing listeners today! I am wrapping up this season by getting vulnerable with you and talking all about how I’ve been navigating a season plagued by some fear and insecurity in my business. It’s when comparisonitis hits, I’m overthinking things, and I start making fear-based decisions. It’s been tough, but I am now on the upswing and would like to share my reflections with you. If you’re in business (and a human), you will likely find yourself in this place at some point in the coming year. But if you can anticipate it and have some tools in your toolbelt, you just might be able to bounce back faster! 

Tips for Getting Unstuck in Fear-Based Seasons in Your Biz: 

  1. Be committed to your business and your why. If you’re in business, there is no plan B! 
  2. Be a visionary regularly. Schedule a CEO day for yourself once a month to ensure your strategies are connected to your big picture. 
  3. Learn to simplify and say no! Less is always more! You have to simplify in order to amplify your results!
  4. Do your daily mindset work! 
  5. Give yourself grace when you hit a low and go back to step 1. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That seasons of feeling stuck and insecure as an entrepreneur should be anticipated. 
  • To reflect on the signs and behaviors that signal you might be headed to a dark place
  • The steps you can follow to realign and revisit your priorities. 

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Libby Crow’s Website

If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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“If you’re making decisions out of fear and get caught up in shiny object syndrome and this lack mindset, you’re not serving your audience fully and you’re always filled with negative thoughts.”

-Brittany Dixon



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