Episode 26. Holiday Proof Your Business

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Though I probably should have shared this episode with you earlier than now, I am offering some tips today to help you navigate all the extra stress that comes with the holidays on top of having a business. These tips are super useful this time of year, but truthfully speaking, they are just good rules of thumb to help you stay organized and sane any time of year. 

Check out my eight helpful tips to help you reduce your stress as you close out what I hope has been a productive and successful year! 


1. Block out time in your calendar: Protect your boundaries, time and energy. Block out time and manually schedule as you have the capacity. Reserve the last half of December for some serious planning for the coming year. 

2. Practice saying no! This applies to personal and business demands. Be choosey and strategic about opportunities.

3. Add in buffer time for projects, especially for anything that involves other team members or contractors who are also busy!

4. Don’t start anything new that’s big! Try to limit your planning to strategy rather than say, a launch. 

5. Make sure you use some type of project or task management tool. Things will slip through the cracks and you’ll start being reactive instead of proactive! 

6. Have a mobile workspace set up. Make sure your tools, programs, and apps are available on any device. Keep things you use every day bookmarked and saved in GoogleDrive, including extensions! (Check out Episode 18: Mobile Workspace) 

7. Utilize reminders and popups! Link Alexa to your project management tool. 

8. Give yourself some grace when you do drop the ball! 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Some ways to anticipate the added stress that can impact your business. 
  • How you can remain proactive versus reactive in your planning and priorities during the holidays. 
  • How to be realistic about what you can accomplish so you can avoid burnout. 

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If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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“We all put so much pressure on ourselves during this time of year that we have to have these Pinterest-worthy parties and  Pinterest-worthy side dishes that we’re bringing to family events and this amazing business that’s wrapping up the end of the year.  We put so much pressure on ourselves and we just need to give ourselves a little bit of grace!”

-Brittany Dixon

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