Episode 21. Onboard More Clients

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If you were honest, how long does it take you to onboard a client once they’ve decided to start working with you? Or better yet, do you even have a detailed onboarding process? If the process isn’t defined, or it’s taking you closer to two hours to dive into the client work, today’s episode is for you. There are so many systems and tools available for you to implement every time you bring on a new client that can streamline the process. Improving this experience will give your clients full confidence that you are anticipating all of their needs. 

I also share a recent amazing experience I had as a customer and how powerful it is to think like the customer as you establish your onboarding process. You want to document everything you do and be as detailed as possible, automating any piece you can. You will also need to have a new process in place for each of the services you offer. 

Here are the steps to my onboarding process: 

  • Initial phone call/discovery call(s)-might be multiple, go add notes to CRM, what services they were interested in, what they needed help with
  • Legal Documents: Use PandaDocs to complete the proposal, contract, and collect payment in one step 
  • Move client to “Contract Sent”, set up auto follow-up tasks, wait for acceptance
  • Collect Payment Electronically with PandaDocs (Connected with Stripe)
  • Move client to “Won”: Create a new GoogleDrive folder, GoodNotes notebook on iPad
  • Send a welcome email/collect information: (branding assets, results from questionnaires, other documents) 
  • Schedule an onboarding call with calendar reminders
  • Get to work! 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How thinking like the customer is necessary when developing your onboarding process
  • How being detailed and documenting your onboarding process can save you hours and increase your revenue 
  • Why your onboarding process does not have to be overly complex
  • How streamlining your onboarding process frees you up to scale 

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If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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“We want to have a good client experience but we also want to have a great client experience or even an excellent client experience. So we want to go above and beyond to make these people who are becoming our clients shout our names from the rooftops when somebody asks for what you do. ”

-Brittany Dixon

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