Episode 11. Leads Don’t Matter

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You might be listening today because this episode is titled “Leads Don’t Matter” – and you’re really thinking “of course they do!”. You’re right, leads DO matter, but only if you have a follow-up system in place to nurture those leads all the way to official client status. If you don’t have these systems in place, you are leaving money on the table. Friends, you don’t need more leads. You just need documented systems in place! 

You could be ahead of the game because you are using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or, as I like to call it a way to Connect, Reach out, and Monetize, but a CRM is not even beneficial if you don’t have systems and work-flows built into it! In this episode, I am breaking down every step of my lead follow-up system as well as my system for onboarding new clients. 

The Steps of my Lead Follow-Up System: 

  • Identify all the sources of your leads (FB Messenger, IG, Linked In, Referrals, etc). 
  • Get clients to schedule a call on the online scheduler
  • Add them as a lead in the CRM (Pipeline) 
  • Auto-generate follow up tasks
  • The fitting call happens and notes are added to Pipedrive account
  • Client’s not ready? Follow up in a specific amount of time!
  • If it’s not a good fit, then maybe you don’t follow up. 
  • If it’s a fit: schedule a call to talk through the proposal, add those notes to Pipedrive
  • Client’s ready to move forward: create and send contract through PandaDoc
  • The client moves to a “New Sales Stage”
  • Contract sent which triggers an auto-generated task for follow up and payment
  • Move that lead to “Won”
  • This triggers the creation of an automated tasks (GoogleDrive folder, Trello Board, Toggle Time Tracking Sheet) 

All this is super detailed because the fortune is in the follow-up! 

The Steps of my On-Boarding System: 

Every offer that you have will have a slightly different on-boarding process!

  • Add custom tasks to Trello board
  • Create a custom welcome video for them, provide access to course and resource library
  • Add to client workload calendar
  • Add income coming in to budget sheet, and payment plan when necessary
  • Create a new client notebook on iPad
  • Add invoice due dates to CRM
  • Create a spotlight graphic for client on social media
  • Assign client homework for onboarding
  • Prep for the onboarding call, host the call, add notes to Pipedrive
  • Send a welcome gift

Use that original process as a base and customize or add to it for other offers. 

Remember to document as you create the process and share so you can eventually outsource!

Your Action Steps: 

  1. Pick one of your offers.
  2. Outline all the steps to onboard a client for that offer.
  3. Go back and add more detail.
  4. Put it into some sort of software. 
  5. Rinse and repeat for every single offer! 
  6. Invest in software for your CRM. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How critical it is to create and implement a lead follow-up system
  • My personal step by step process for following up with leads
  • My personal step by step onboarding process for clients

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“But if it’s just not the right time for them or the investments just too much, definitely set up a follow up call because even though they’re not a client now, they can be a client later.”

-Brittany Dixon

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