Episode 103. Preparing for the End of the Year

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Okay, so this is our last episode of 2021, but don’t be sad, because this is the perfect time to talk about how to use the 4th quarter to set your business up for success by the time we return in 2022. In this episode, we’ll talk about all the ways to audit your business, how to get organized, taking time to streamline your processes and eliminate the things bogging you down! This episode will go a long way in helping you hit the ground running in 2022!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of auditing your business in order to trim processes you don’t need to make everything run smoother
  • Knowing your “why” when it comes to your business and how to continue to go about making everything you do in your business about that “why”
  • BCO Buckets…..BCO Buckets…..BCO Buckets…..use them, embrace them, get organized with them
  • Actually planning out time to complete tasks because things always take longer than expected
  • Doing a digital detox can eliminate so many unnecessary things from your digital space
  • Take your calendar planning a step further to include buffer time for yourself so you can manage appointments seamlessly 

Quote from the show – “If you don’t have those boundaries and you just let people control your time….it’s going to get real hectic, real fast.”

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