Episode 102. Outsourcing Your Personal Life to Uplevel Your Business

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Do you feel like having a personal assistant is only reserved for the rich and famous? Have you ever thought “An extra set of hands could really free me up to do the things I really want to do”? In this episode, Nikki Veneziano of Columbus Personal Assistants explains how personal assistants aren’t just for the bougie! 

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to adopt a mindset that you don’t need to be an expert in business to run a successful business
  • Getting over the stigma that hiring a personal assistant means you don’t have a grasp on your personal life
  • How remaining flexible and willing to pivot in personal life can make you a well-rounded business owner
  • Relying on a strong network can help you bridge during the lean times in your business

Nikki Veneziano is the owner of Columbus Personal Assistants, an agency helping overwhelmed families get their lives back and have more time for what matters. When the COVID pandemic shut down business, she pivoted to offering virtual services and is now in the process launching another business, The Virtual Mustard Seed offering process building and CRM setups for small business owners. 

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Quote from the show- “For me, as a busy business owner with a team and everything, I obviously look to the ROI too. Right? So, like, if I’m paying a personal assistant to take 3 hours of homework off of my plate, like, now I can spend those 3 hours building the business, taking on a new client, charging for whatever.”

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