Episode 05. R.O.A.D To Scalability

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If you know that you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but not sure how to position yourself to prepare to make that shift, I am going to share the ROAD to Scalability with you today! 

The R in ROAD stands for Recognize. This is where you evaluate all the things that are working and not working so you do things like consolidate, cut costs and establish a solid onboarding process for every client. This piece is critical and establishes the foundation for your business. 

The O in ROAD stands for Optimize systems as you set them up. You want to get in the habit of creating SOPs for every task you do in your business, even if you need to add to them. This is where you will identify how clients and tasks are getting into your CRM. At this stage, you will also evaluate the purpose and value of every tool you use in your business. 

The A in ROAD stands for Automation. Anything task that you have to complete on a regular basis should be automated. Yet it is crucial to make sure you are not automating a broken process. The only result will be an automated mess! 

The D in ROAD stands for Documentation for the purpose of being able to Delegate tasks that are not in your zone of genius. In order to scale with ease, you will need to be careful to document all of your processes down to the fine details so that someone can easily join your team and understand how to accomplish tasks in the same fashion you would. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Identifying what’s not working in your business can also determine what’s not working.
  • Creating work-flow charts help you identify what it happening from gaining a lead to project completion.
  • You cannot automate a broken process.
  • Detailed documentation frees you up to work in your zone of genius. 

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“Systems and processes are repeatable things that can be handed off to other people so that you can get back the freedom and spend your time in your zone of genius and creating revenue in your business.  ”

Brittany Dixon


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