Episode 53. Am I Scared Of Success?

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Most people are scared of failing. But I think I was scared of succeeding more than most.  Let me tell you my story. I didn’t grow up in a fancy entrepreneur family. No one went to college, and no one had a job paying over $20 an hour My parents combined made less than $50,000 a year with five kids. I moved out when I was 18 and lived on my own. I worked two jobs to pay for rent and bills while going to school. The last business I worked for I gave my blood sweat and tears toward their success, only to be fired. I  am very grateful for how I was raised, for my parents and my childhood. And I am very grateful for being fired.  All of those things made me who I am today. So after so many low beginnings, why am I scared to succeed? What am I scared of? I know when I am in a place of growth when my confidence dips, I find myself doing admin projects and I avoid being around people and isolate myself. 2020 has been a time for that. I had a huge legal issue with a client that absolutely killed my confidence. It shouldn’t have but I let someone else control how I felt about my work. I was finally able to get back on my feet and get back to serving people and then COVID hit. So then I just blamed everything on that and fell back to the, well when this is over I will do big things. This is what I mean when I say “being scared of success”. Netflix time, working on the couch, working crazy hours on admin stuff – thats a time of growth that I am hiding from and running away from. When I see myself changing my goals to make them smaller – That’s a sign I am scared of success. Because I know myself and when I have a project plan towards something – I knock tasks out to get it done. When I create that project plan and I have that vision, do I take on fifteen other tasks that keep me “busy” from that. Because I am being scared of success. So once you have acknowledged that you are scared of success and know that you are hiding from big things. what do you do? Write down worst case scenario that could happen if you success – this works for failure too.
    • What are the bad things that may happen if you succeed
    • What could happen if you succeed – People won’t like you,
    • You get negative comments
    • You lose friends
    • You disconnect from family
    • Your ego gets to big
  Reflect on why you are feeling scared – does it connect to anything – what triggers it?
    • Scared that if you make money – people will think of you differently
    • That you may lose family or friends
    • That you may be able to actually live your dream life
  Take time to feel scared and do it anyway Send me your thoughts and experiences, I may share them on the podcast! Be a Better CEO and Stop Letting Things Slip Through the Cracks!! Join Our FREE Masterclass Thanks for Listening! -Brittany Have questions? Email us at hello@processforprofit.co or Visit our Helpdesk and submit a support ticket

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